Since its introduction, our Diamond Suited Stainless Steel Cup Holder Poker Table
has become a monster in the world of poker.  Since you are buying direct from me
(the manufacturer) you are saving hundreds of dollars in mark-up on this tremendous
poker table.  The honest truth is you will Love this poker table and save a bunch of
As a long time player myself I wanted to design a poker table that had the look
and feel of a casino poker table but make it affordable to everyone and anyone.  
The solution... cut out the middle man and sell to my customers directly.
Casino Stainless Steel
Cup Holders (2-1/2" Deep)
Superior Quality Playing Surfaces:  Casino Suited
Speed Cloth is the best poker table surface money can
buy.  Treated with teflon fabric protector, this surface
is durable, ultra fast for cards, and beautiful looking.
High Density Foam Rails
and Surface Padding
Machine Sown
Folding Table Legs for Super Simple
Poker Shark Tables
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Sinking Spring, PA 19608
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